Sci-Fi B (2012)

brass quintet
Duration: approx. 8 min 30 sec

Program Note:

This brass quintet lovingly pokes fun at the plots of “B” Sci-Fi movies. The work begins with the studio logo flashing across the screen, accompanied by the opening credits as the scene fades up on America. Through a telescope, a lone scientist observes a GIANT, ZOMBIE OCTOPUS descending on the Earth FROM MARS! With the White House in a state of panic, the Department of Defense is charged with tracking its approach and entrance to the atmosphere. The screen cuts to French people in cafés, happily eating croissants and baguette when – BAM!!! – the giant octopus takes out France in one fowl swoop by showering the country with its radioactive ink. The octopus then begins attacking Great Britain and Canada simultaneously, leaving both nations whimpering and broken. With three nations defeated, the octopus tries to attack the United States. The Army tries to take on the Martian zombie, but with a single lash of its giant tentacles the armed forces are squashed! The Navy and the Marines step in, and – SPLAT! As a last resort, the White House releases the nuclear codes, and NUKES THE THING! With the enormous cephalopod carcass fuming, there is great rejoicing and the screen fades to the closing credits. But, as the credits come to an end, the screen cuts back to the octopus; it twitches – COULD IT STILL BE ALIVE?!

Sit back, pop on your 3-D glasses, and enjoy!


2 Trumpets*

*straight, cup, and harmon mutes required
**straight and plunger mutes required