September Scrapbook (2013)

clarinet (B-flat and E-flat), violin, violoncello, & piano
Duration: approx. 6 min 20 sec

premiere at the 2013 fresh inc festival

Jennifer Woodrum, clarinet
Danielle Simandl, violin
Jacobsen Woollen, ‘cello
Ryan Greene, piano

Program Note:

Scrapbooks are vessels of memory, bringing the past back to life before our eyes.  September is full of memories of new beginnings; of the fiery beauty of the changing leaves; and of the delicate balance between the temperate autumn weather and the impending cold of winter. The scrapbook opens with a sense of curiosity, revealing a collage of fall memories. After leafing through a few pages, the images come to life before the mind’s eye, almost as an out-of-body experience. But as the last pages are turned, reality fades back into perspective. With September’s dusty memories stirred, we are left lingering in a moment of nostalgia.

September Scrapbook was composed for the 2013 fresh inc festival.