Thus Spring Bursts Forth (2012)

woodwind quintet
Duration: approx. 13 min

Recorded at the fresh inc festival
Emlyn Johnson, flute
Crystal Hall, oboe
Jason Paige, clarinet
Kelly Hofman, horn
Kelly Kasle, bassoon

Program Note:

Thus Spring Bursts Forth represents my first experimentation with Neoclassicism. During the spring semester of my junior year, I studied and performed several works of the eighteenth through twentieth centuries constructed with Classical formal principals. As a result of that exposure, I set out to compose a woodwind quintet that derived from the four-movement construction of a Classical symphony. Although the quintet was not conceived as a programmatic work, its playful and light mood throughout gave rise to the title.

Thus Spring Bursts Forth earned Giarrusso the title “Emerging Composer” from Tribeca New Music.


“… effervescent and refreshing, rhythmically complex … and requiring great precision, but satisfying to play and … simply fun to listen to.” –Crystal Hall (Fifth House Ensemble)