Dangerous New Avenues (2013)

soprano and percussion
Duration: approx. 6 min
text by Justin Giarrusso

premiere on April 2, 2014
Erin Bryan, soprano
Kyle McCoy, percussion

Program Note:

Dangerous New Avenues is a riddle and a question. Delving into the realm of bioethics, the poem calls into question the ramifications of careless use and misuse of biotechnology. With so much power at our fingertips, we have the ability to tamper with life’s source code, the very Strands of Life: DNA. This unsettling contemplation leaves one question: “we play, but can we play the Part?”


Range: E-flat4 to A-flat5
Tessitura: G4 to G5

Medium Tam-Tam
Medium Suspended Cymbal
Sizzle Cymbal
Crotales (written C5)