Submerge (2014)

Video Sample

videography by Justin Giarrusso

Technical Requirements
1 Motion sensor
4 Small speakers
1 Arduino board
1 Microphone
1 Computer to run Max/MSP
Blue & White Organza Cloth
Colored lights
Styrofoam spheres


Installation Note
Submerge (2014) is an immersive public sound, light, and visual installation that gives visitors an abstract impression of being underwater in a common hallway space. The installation is a collaborative project by Jabez Co, Justin Giarrusso, Tyler Taylor, & Matt Wetmore.

Through the use of a motion sensor and a microphone, visitors can trigger and affect the sounds produced in the installation space. The installation also consists of blue lights, organza cloth, and Styrofoam balls to create an ambient environment reminiscent of underwater surroundings.

The sounds in this installation are produced through Max/MSP. The motion sensors are controlled by an Arduino micro-board to activate pre-recorded sounds, such as water droplets and whale vocalizations. The microphone picks up sounds in the installation space and filters the higher frequencies to create the effect of being submerged underwater.

The visuals represent water through an abstract portrayal. Each piece of organza cloth is cut to depict fluid waves. Styrofoam balls are hung from the ceiling to represent bubbles. Blue light is projected through the windows to pervade the installation space with shades of blue.

Submerge aims to transform a medium-traffic empty space into a different environment to create a spectacle to visitors. Though this hallway serves as just a bridge between the two buildings of the School of Music, the intent of the installation is to highlight a space that people walk through daily to show how vital this hallway is in everyday lives.