a light through stained glass glows (2012)

SATB choir with 1100/0000/s
Duration: approx. 7 min 30 seconds

Performed by Ohio Wesleyan University students
Dr. Michael J. Malone, conducting

Program Note:
Imagine crossing the threshold into the cavernous, Gothic nave of Notre Dame de Reims. a light through stained glass glows journeys through this place of contemplation, a place with thoughts alone for company. Ideas and sounds come and go, passing freely in an organic growth of musical ideas. At first, the music wanders down the side aisle past the transept, to the rear of the cathedral. A brighter sound world eventually emerges upon the arrival at the Marc Chagall windows, which exude blue with splashes of greens, reds, and yellows. The glow of the light fades leaving the windows for the main doors, harkening back to beginning. But as the journey draws to a close, the unabashed beauty of those radiant windows lingers in the mind’s eye.

a light through stained glass glows was named winner of the 2013 Mu Phi Epsilon Original Composition Contest, Division I, Class A.



*including passages for solo (or soli) soprano