New Music Monday – Jennifer Jolley

For the second iteration of New Music Monday, I present Spielzeug Straßenbahn by Jennifer Jolley! With Baroque music being close to my heart, it is not all that surprising that a piece that re-imagines Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 stood out to me. There’s also something about the fusion of Baroque and Post-Minimalist idioms that just works. (Also, have I mentioned I love harpsichord?)

In addition to composing, Jolley maintains a blog where she shares her adventures in composing, including her successes and failures. I particularly appreciate the humor and honesty with which she shares the many “Composer Fails” it takes any artist before the next “Composer Win.”

Streaming audio of the whole piece is below, are are links to social media, Jolley’s website, and her blog.

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